A unique medieval town

From a chequered past….

Issigeac has a chequered past – it collaborated with the Germans during the war and was shunned by the surrounding population for years.

… to a creative and exciting future

But perversely, this history is its greatest strength – it avoided much of the more modern development that has blighted some towns. Not only has its pre-war charm been preserved, much of it intact, it became a mecca for impoverished artists lured by cheap property prices and quirky charm. It is now a rare synthesis of old architecture housing an explosion of wild and wacky creativity – from welders specialising in creating works of art from discarded farm machinery to chic soft-furnishing boutiques.

A hugely popular market

A trip to the weekly market on Sunday morning is a must – it is a firm favourite amongst locals (arriving earlier) and tourists (in time for elevenses!). Crammed into the sprawling cobbled streets, it a great start point for locally-sourced shopping with a wide array of home- and farm-produced fayre produce – wines, cheese, vegetables, wicker-work, preserves, meats, spices, as well as all manner of arts and crafts.

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